Narconon Aurora

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

Via per le Orane, 50
23875 Osnago (Lecco),

Nestled in farm country in Northern Italy, Narconon Aurora offers those who have been struggling and suffering a respite from their pain. Finally, it’s possible for them to feel they are in a calm, safe environment and can begin healing.

Narconon Aurora was fashioned from an old farmhouse that overlooks extensive fields on one side, and woods on another side. It has been fully converted to its new function: rehabilitating those who have already lost everything to addiction. Everything a person needs for their rehabilitation is right here: accommodations, dining, consulting rooms, classrooms and even a sauna.

Restoring One’s Ability to Live Without Drugs or Alcohol

At this drug rehab, the intention is to restore a person to the level of ability they had before they became addicted. The goal is to give each person renewed skills to deal with life’s challenges without feeling the need for drugs.

Some drug rehab centers house a person for 30 days or so and then tell them their time is up. Whether they are ready or not, they are sent out to the lives they left a month before. At Narconon Aurora, each person graduates when they finish all the requirements of this drug rehabilitation program. That will take some people three months and it will take others longer. This drug rehab program is carefully designed and tested over decades of use to prepare those in recovery for a successful return to sobriety. There are no shortcuts to recovery.

Recovery from Drug or Alcohol Addiction

People come from all over Northern Italy to Narconon Aurora to get help with addiction to either drugs or alcohol. A small number of these individuals may need the support of a medical detoxification program before starting drug rehab. A person who was continuously and heavily drinking may need medical supervision as they detox the alcohol. A few other people with health issues or addiction to some prescription drugs may also need this support.

Then they can come to Narconon Aurora and truly begin their journey back to lasting sobriety. This center is less than an hour from Milan, Monza, Bergamo and Como. This puts Narconon Aurora within easy reach of anyone in Northern Italy who needs drug rehab.

Focusing on Restoring Abilities Lost During Addiction

From the first day in this drug rehab, the focus is placed on restoring abilities and creating a new future. The process starts with a well-supported withdrawal process as the drugs that were being used run their course. Instead of giving a person more drugs, intensive one-on-one support along with good nutrition and medical monitoring helps each person get through a tolerable withdrawal.

Then they are ready to utilize the on-site sauna for a deep detoxification action. After exercise, those in recovery spend time in the sauna, flushing out the burden their bodies carry of toxic drug residues. With a brighter outlook after this detox, each person can then begin to recover their lost life skills.

In the classrooms, these students of sobriety gain a new understanding of sober living skills. There are many opportunities to improve their understanding of how they ran into the problems they had with drugs or alcohol. Gradually, many shifts in their perceptions and understanding point them in a new, sober direction.

Finally, when they complete these lessons and the practical exercises that accompany them, they work with the dedicated and experienced staff to develop a post-graduation plan. They may need to correct wrongs of the past or find a new, safer residence and a more ethical group of friends. All these ideas and many more go into their plan.

Finally, the day comes when they are ready to return to their lives after drug rehab. The life skills they have restored have prepared them to meet life’s challenges without turning to drugs or alcohol again.