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Narconon Falco

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

Contrada Monti
87040 Altilia (CS),

For those in Italy who have lost their way due to drugs or alcohol, Narconon Falco is ready to help. This is a residential, drug-free rehab program that teaches people how to recover the ability to live an enjoyable, sober life.

Once a person reaches Narconon Falco, there is nothing from their past life to disturb their progress. They are surrounded by hills, woods and wildlife. The staff at Narconon Falco are trained and experienced in supporting each person from their first days all the way to their graduation. In this quiet location, each person can fully focus on the creation of a new, sober future.

Narconon Falco is located between the Calabrian coast and the Parco National della Sila, a huge national park. The closest towns are Cosenza, Dellcolatura, Santa Eufemia Lamezia and Catanzaro near the southern coast. All these cities and Narconon Falco are situated in the “toe” of the Italian boot.

How the Narconon Drug Rehab Program is Different

At Narconon Falco, no one is called an “addict.” No one is told that they are powerless. No one is given medications that are used in some rehabs as part of the drug treatment program. Instead, this drug rehab gives each person the detoxification, support, counseling and life skills training they need to create a sober future for themselves.

The first step a person takes once they arrive is a stay in the withdrawal unit of the rehab. This is where they experience a very well-supported detox of the drugs or alcohol they were using. With close monitoring and support by the staff and plenty of nutrition to ease the symptoms, this detox may be far more tolerable than others they have ever experienced.

Once they are free from the immediate effects of these drugs, they begin the rehabilitation process. They immediately begin a deeper and more thorough detox that utilizes exercise, time in a sauna and nutrition designed to enhance detoxification.

This detox process helps flush out the accumulated residues from the person’s years or even decades of addiction. It has been discovered that these residues may continue to have effects on a person’s thinking and health, even after they stop using drugs. Flushing these residues out helps each person adopt a brighter outlook which prepares them for their drug-free future.

Life Skills Training is Essential for Lasting Sobriety

The classrooms at Narconon Falco have been designed and equipped for the life skills training each person will do next. It’s essential that a person in recovery learns the skills they need to deal with the ups and downs of life. They must be able to solve problems and live an honest and productive life. These are all key aspects of the transition from an addicted lifestyle to a sober one.

The focus is on restoring the person’s abilities, morality, responsibility and communication with others. That’s because all of these characteristics vanish in the face of lengthy addiction. When they are restored, a person once again feels like himself or herself. Their family knows that they have their loved one back again.

As these lessons are completed, the focus shifts again to creating a new, sober life after drug rehab. By the time each person graduates from the Narconon program, they have created a plan to guide their re-entry into a normal life at home. They each work on this plan with the staff of Narconon Falco. This helps them keep their footing certain and sure as they begin to restore relationships and resume work or school.