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Narconon Gabbiano

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Lecce, Italy

Via Sentinella, S.N.C.
73026 Torre Dell&#39;orso (LE),

Narconon Gabbiano is located in the beach town of Torre Dell’orso on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Many people come to this town for vacations. Others tend to orchards with tens of thousands of olive trees that cover the surrounding fields. Perhaps the most important reason to come to Torre Dell’orso is to rehabilitate one’s life after addiction tears down everything of value.

A person arriving at Narconon Gabbiano will find a different kind of drug rehab facility. At this rehab, no drugs are administered as part of the program. There are no group counseling sessions where a person is expected to share personal fears and pain with a group of people they hardly know. No one is told they are powerless over their addiction. Instead, they are supported, monitored, and supervised while they build the skills they need to craft a new, sober life.

In many drug rehabs, a person stays for a set number of days. Not at Narconon Gabbiano. Here, a person graduates when they have completed the steps designed to prepare them for a sober life. However long that takes them, that’s how long they are at the Narconon Gabbiano drug rehab center. It’s essential that they develop the skills to support them through the challenges of daily life without their needing drugs or alcohol again. Otherwise, life may deal them a blow that sends them spiraling back into addiction.

New Life Detoxification for a Brighter Future

As with any drug rehab, a person who’s just arriving gets special attention and monitoring. During this initial time period, their body will be eliminating the drugs they had been using—sometimes up to hours or even minutes before they walked in the door. During their time in the special Withdrawal Unit of the rehab, the effects of the drugs they were using have a chance to wear off, along with any symptoms of withdrawal.

From here, each person begins spending time in a sauna, exercising and taking a specific combination of nutritional supplements. These three actions have proven to prompt a further detox. But this detox reaches deep into the body’s tissues to draw out and flush away residual toxins. In each person’s years or even decades of addiction, they have built up a burden of toxins the body couldn’t completely eliminate. Once these toxins are gone, a person can feel brighter, have a more positive outlook and perhaps even more energy.

This shift prepares each person in recovery to begin to restore their sober living skills. Finally, they are more able to look forward to the future rather than feeling trapped in the past.

Life Skills for Lasting Sobriety

While each person may be feeling better and brighter, it is very likely that they still feel burdened by the harm they have done to themselves, their family, friends and community. As they construct new life skills and can foresee an honest, productive life ahead, this pain can begin to fall away.

In a series of life skills courses, closely supervised by experienced staff, those in recovery learn lessons that will guide them through their decisions and choices in the future. Who should they trust? How can one repair relationships with others? What is the value of being productive? How can they get through a period of turmoil and upset without drinking or using drugs?

These life skills courses can help a person navigate these and many other situations in life.

Preparing for Graduation from Drug Rehab

Before they go home, however, they need to work out their re-entry plan. Consulting with staff, they list all the actions they need to take to re-establish themselves in a new sober life.

Are there wrongs they need to right? Do they need a new job? Better friends? Are there family relationships that need to be repaired? With this plan in hand, they can finally have the confidence that, as they return to normal life, lasting sobriety can be theirs. Perhaps they return to nearby Lecce or Otranto. Wherever they go, they take home a new pride, self-respect and ability to craft a new life