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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Ukraine

вул. 50-річчя Жовтня, 4А
с. Устимівка, Васильківський район, Київська область 08653,

The Narconon drug rehab facility in Ukraine was carefully placed about an hour outside of the capital city of Kiev. This placement means that those coming to Narconon for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can fully focus on their recovery. They will not be tormented by anyone in their home city who wants to keep them addicted to drugs or alcohol.

In this facility surrounded by the quiet countryside, an addicted person can finally get the help they need. Narconon Kiev is a holistic, long-term and residential rehab program. The dedication of this program and the staff running it is to restore the abilities of the addicted person so they do not have to struggle each day with staying sober. Instead, they can enjoy a sober, productive life of their own creation.

Starting on the Path to Sobriety

The first thing an addicted person will do when they arrive at Narconon Kiev is a drug-free withdrawal step. A few people may need detoxification in a medical facility before arriving at Narconon Kiev. This may be true for those with health issues or for someone who was heavily addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines. For anyone else, they are likely to find that this withdrawal protocol is effective in alleviating many of the withdrawal symptoms they may have experienced before.

When they are through withdrawal, there is another—and deeper—detoxification step waiting for them. This sauna-based detox is designed to flush out stored toxins that have accumulated after years or even decades of addiction. When these stored toxins are gone, it is very common for a person to feel freer from the lingering effects of those drugs. This is an excellent way to prepare them for their sober future.

Recovering the Life Skills That Were Lost

When a person becomes addicted, they gradually stop being able to make ethical and positive decisions. Their focus changes from caring for themselves and their families to making sure they can continue to acquire the drugs they need. It’s like the drugs are doing the thinking, not the person.

As this destructive pattern persists, it is very common for the addicted person to suffer an erosion of all their life skills. After many years of addiction, it’s vital for that person to rebuild their life skills if they are to achieve long-term sobriety. That is exactly what is addressed in the remainder of the Narconon drug rehab program.

In the life skills component of this program, each person learns how to recover their personal integrity and the ability to make decisions that support their good survival. They will also learn how to rebuild their relationships with family, employers, or other groups and how to choose the right friends and associates.

These and many other lessons learned during this program prepare a person to maintain stable sobriety and a productive life after leaving drug rehab.

Returning Home After Drug Rehab

Whether a person is returning to Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Karhkiv, Lviv or another Ukrainian city, they need to have a plan to smooth their re-entry to post-rehab life. Will they need to get a new job? Who in their family is upset with them so that a reconciliation is needed? Where will they live? Working with supportive and experienced staff, each person takes their new life skills and prepares a step-by-step plan to get acclimated to their new life.

Tens of thousands of addicted individuals have found that this path back to health and sobriety enables them to successfully achieve lasting sobriety. Tens of thousands of families have welcomed their loved ones back, after many years of their being lost. For more than fifty years, this has been the winning formula in Narconon centers around the world.