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Narconon Alfiere

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

Via Montefeltro 16/2
61100 Pesaro,

Narconon Afliere is situated just a couple of miles from the beaches of Pesaro on the Adriatic Sea. Within driving distance are Venice, Bologna, Florence and Perugia. This private and modern center is flanked on all sides by open fields, creating a peaceful and safe atmosphere. The concentration at this drug rehab is focused on assisting each person who arrives. The goal is to help each person develop a bright new viewpoint and the abilities needed to stay sober after the program is complete.

Many programs rely on medicating their participants during the program or after they go home. The Narconon drug rehab program is drug-free. The intention is to get and keep drugs out of the body. The philosophy underlying this program is that each person can recover their capability to face life with a positive attitude and strong life skills. With these abilities restored, there is no need for continuing medication.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program and Facilities

Everything a person needs to support their journey to sobriety is here. There is caring, experienced and well-trained staff. There are classrooms where life skills training takes place. There are private rooms where counseling can occur.

Entry into the drug rehab program is gentle and fully supported. The first days are spent in a special withdrawal unit so that medical, mental and physical monitoring can be closely done. With plenty of support, attention and nutritional assistance, it is possible to detox the drugs one was taking in a tolerable manner.

When the detox is done and each participant is fully drug-free, sleeping and eating well, they begin the real work of rehabilitation.  The program starts with a deeper detox that takes place in a sauna, accompanied by exercise and nutritional support that enhances detoxification. Very commonly, this provides relief from the toxic burden of drug residues in the body which also relieves both the mind and the spirit.

They then spend time in the classrooms, working on lessons that enable them to strengthen the life skills they were missing when they started using drugs. Gradually, they gain the ability to overcome the guilt they have suffered as a result of the years spent addicted. They learn better ways of dealing with the challenges that occur in every person’s life.

For those times when the day’s studies are done, there are facilities such as a sports field, fitness center and swimming pool. Recreational periods shared with others who are recovering their sobriety help each participant build a new, healthy attitude and a brighter outlook on life.

Preparing for Graduation

As this life skills training draws to a close, each of these students of life skills prepares a plan for their return to a normal life, post-rehab. They use what they have learned and work with the staff as they work out what must be modified to help them stay sober in the future. They may need a new home, a new job and sober friends. There are family members to establish better relationships with. Maybe there are friends in their old town who need to be guided away from drugs. These are very individual decisions.

Finally, they go through a graduation ceremony. Many family members attend these ceremonies to celebrate the conversion their loved one went through. They also celebrate having their loved one back in their life again.