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Narconon Argo

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

Via Santa Fumia, 52/A
00134 Roma (RM),

The Narconon Argo drug and alcohol rehabilitation center lies far from the bustle of the heart of Rome. In this calm agricultural area on the outskirts of the city, those who lost everything to drugs or alcohol can begin to reclaim their sobriety. This drug rehab center is only a few miles from the Mediterranean coast and a half-hour from the center of Rome.

Surrounded by open fields and olive trees and with the support of dedicated staff, it’s possible to leave an old, ruined life behind. At the same time, each person in recovery at this drug rehab builds the strength and capability to live a new, sober life. No “treatment” drugs are needed during this transition—the Narconon program is drug-free. The entire emphasis is on helping each person learn to live in a fresh, healthy and self-determined way.

The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

It doesn’t matter what drug a person is addicted to—they can find sobriety here. The process starts with a closely monitored and well-supported withdrawal phase. It’s vital to keep each person as comfortable as possible during this period. With plenty of nutritional assistance and one-on-one work with the staff, it’s possible to experience a tolerable withdrawal as each person detoxes. That gets the rehab process off to a positive start.

A deeper detox follows, utilizing time in a sauna, exercise and nutritional supplements that support detoxification. This combination has proven to help flush the person’s burden of drug residues out of their body. The result can be a brighter, more positive outlook which continues the positive experience. Finally, they can begin to leave the pain of years or even decades spent being addicted behind.

The classrooms in Narconon Argo are then utilized for courses of study that complete the rehabilitation process. In these courses, a person in recovery can discover why and how the mistakes they made in the past led them into addiction. They can learn how to deal with hostile or destructive people in their environments. They can finally let go of their guilt over the damage they have done and begin to see how to repair it.

Those completing this course of study and rehabilitation are referred to as students, not patients. That’s because there is no consideration that they have a disease. They are simply learning the life skills they need to live a healthier life.

Returning to Life, Returning to the Family

As each person goes through these changes, their families can hear the difference in their voices. They can tell that the person they lost is coming back to them as each of these steps is completed. The restoration of their loved one is confirmed when they attend their loved one’s graduation ceremony, or when the person returns home. After years or decades of absence, they can finally see the person they lost before drugs took over.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is unique in many ways. It’s a drug-free approach and has the belief that each person can build the life skills they need to stay sober, to begin with. Then there is a certainty held by every Narconon staff member that each person has the ability to leave addiction behind.

There is no insistence here on believing that one is powerless over addiction. On the contrary, there is a conviction that addiction can be fully overcome and that each person has the power to create a lasting, sober life after they go home. That conviction was built as a result of more than five decades of experience helping tens of thousands of Narconon students live better lives after completion of the drug rehab program.