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Narconon Astore

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

Fraz. Poggio San Romualdo
71 60044 Fabriano (AN),

Narconon Astore is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center tucked away in a mountainous region not far from Ancona, Pesaro and Pescara. On every side, national parks preserve the beauty of the area. At this center that is so far from the places where they became addicted, individuals from all over Italy break free from their addictions.

Around Narconon Astore, there is nothing but fields, hills and trees. In this location, there’s a safe environment that finally makes it possible to concentrate on one’s recovery and only one’s recovery. Poggio San Romualdo itself is a small village where many people have vacation homes. It is known for its comfortable temperatures (even in summer) and attractive hiking trails.

Within Narconon Astore itself, there’s everything anyone needs to rehabilitate themselves. There is an experienced and caring staff. There are accommodations for the students on the program. They are called students instead of patients because they are learning the life skills they need for lasting sobriety.

There is a sauna so that the students can complete a deep detoxification to rid their bodies of the burden of toxins that years of drugs or alcohol left behind. Time in the sauna is combined with exercise and nutritional supplements chosen for their ability to flush out toxins. This is an essential step that provides each person with a brighter outlook. A thorough detox is a great way to start one’s rehabilitation.

There are also classrooms where each person can develop the life skills they are going to need and recreational facilities for the off-hours.

What Makes the Narconon Drug Rehab Different?

At this drug rehab, there is no belief that a person will “always be an addict.” Instead, it is believed that a person can leave addiction behind for good, and that lengthy (and addictive) medication is not needed to stay stable and sober.

It is also believed that it’s vital for a person to overcome the guilt they suffer after they become addicted. After all, every addicted person harms their family, their community and themselves. A fresh start must include leaving this guilt behind. The Narconon drug rehab program is designed to teach each person how to make this essential shift.

The staff helping those in recovery also believe that each person can and must gain durable skills that enable them to face life sober. When a person becomes addicted, they stop confronting the problems of life. Their drug use creates damage and upset around them but using more drugs or drinking means the individual doesn’t have to face those problems. It’s vital to teach the life skills that will be needed to deal with life’s problems successfully, in order for sobriety to be lasting.

A person who can maintain lasting sobriety, who has renewed life skills and who does not have to rely on addictive “treatment” medications during or after rehab is the usual result of the Narconon drug rehab program.

What Type of People Do the Narconon Drug Rehab Program?

Narconon Astore welcomes those persons addicted to drugs or alcohol from anywhere in Italy. Some arrivals are going to rehab for the first time. Many others have already been to rehab, sometimes many times. It’s common for people who have been to rehab before to state that they were looking for something different this time.

Some people come from Perugia or Pesaro. Florence is just a few hours away. Pescara is a short drive along the coast to the south. Those arriving at Narconon Astore could come from anywhere in Italy, however—anywhere that drug dealers are poisoning people with their merchandise.

Here, finally, those seeking recovery find safety, kindness and confidence that addiction can be left behind for good.