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Narconon Europe

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Denmark

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center
Præstevej 62 3200 Helsinge, Denmark

Less than an hour outside of Copenhagen, Narconon Europe was established to offer a holistic method of recovery for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Narconon Europe is a private, long-term drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre. Since its establishment in 2015, this beautiful centre has served clients from all over Europe—from Denmark and neighbouring Scandinavian countries, Northern Europe and as far away as the Middle East. Every aspect of this facility was designed to make the journey back to stable sobriety as smooth as possible.

The location chosen for this center is nothing short of exquisite. Due the center’s proximity to Copenhagen, access is easy from every European metropolis. The main lodge sits on sixteen acres of unspoiled Danish countryside, surrounded by farms and woods. The idyllic environment with the fresh air, sunlight and dazzling view of Lake Arresø, has its own therapeutic effects.

The center demonstrates the light and airy design that is the epitome of Danish style. The idea is to make each person feel comfortable as they make the transition from addicted to newly sober. From the common rooms to the guest rooms, from the dining room to the game and music facilities, this is a center designed to enhance and improve recovery of one’s true self.

Guest Rooms

The exceptional quality of the Narconon program is reflected throughout the center. The combination of comfort and effective rehabilitation technology offers the perfect environment for complete rehabilitation and long-term success.


Once inside, there are pristine guest rooms and common rooms that provide comfortable seating for reading, playing games or socializing. Everything is styled in the clean, crisp design that epitomizes Danish decor.

Sauna-Based Detoxification

The Narconon drug rehab program includes a sauna-based detoxification step that utilizes moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplementation to enhance the cleansing effect of the sauna.


Open, airy classrooms provide distraction-free environments in which to regain the skills to resist temptation and make drug-free decisions. Everything an individual needs to restore mind, body and spirit are included right here.

The Exquisite Surroundings

This Narconon Europe drug and alcohol rehab center blends perfectly with the exquisite Danish countryside. The clear light of the country, the clean, healthy atmosphere, the visiting wildlife—they all contribute to the relaxation and improved focus of an individual who is making his way back to health.