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Narconon Eslöv

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Sweden

Skarhults Södergård
241 23 Eslöv,

For all the people of Sweden who have been trapped in addiction, there is Narconon Eslöv. At this holistic, long-term program, it’s finally possible to reclaim one’s sober life. From Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, and Helsingborg, it is a short train ride or flight to this residential drug rehab that can so dramatically change a person’s life. From nearby Eslöv and Malmo, it is only a short drive.

The Drug Rehab Facilities at Narconon Eslöv

This drug rehab facility is located in the middle of peaceful farmland near Skarhults. Most people who have suffered from addiction have experienced serious trauma and loss as a result of their drinking or drug use. This location provides a safe and calm place where it’s possible to leave that trauma and upset behind. The focus here is on recovery only.

Those coming for the Narconon drug rehab have accommodations at this country location. The care and support they will need for their recovery are available day and night. Their first stop will be a private area where newcomers going through withdrawal can get ample one-on-one support and nutrition to ease their discomfort.

Once they are eating and sleeping normally and through withdrawal, they move to the next step of the drug rehab program. What they will now experience is a holistic rehab program that can put them on the path to life-long sobriety.

Steps of the Narconon Drug Rehab Program

When a person finishes withdrawal, this only means that they are no longer intoxicated by the drugs or alcohol they were consuming. Their body has adjusted to no longer receiving daily doses of the intoxicants. But this does not mean that the body has eliminated all traces of those addictive substances.

Bodies store residues of drugs and alcohol, primarily in fatty tissue where they can remain for many years. Their next step on the drug rehab program at Narconon Eslöv is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This sauna-based detoxification step has the effect of removing the residual effects of drugs from the person’s mind, mood and spirit. This is an excellent start to one’s new, sober life.

The next steps of this program provide training and practical skills in sober living. It is necessary to leave the pain and trauma of addiction behind, recover one’s personal integrity, learn how to choose trustworthy friends and gain the skills to resolve problems in a constructive manner. The life skills portion of the Narconon drug rehab program trains each person in these skills and more.

Finally, working closely with experienced Narconon staff, each person works out the steps they will have to take to set themselves up for a sober life. This new life is often quite different from the life they lived before. Now, there is a greater ability, unimpeded by drugs and alcohol, to hold a job, go back to school and restore relationships with family and friends. They are now better equipped to make constructive choices in life.

New Hope at Narconon

On sunny, leafy days and snowy days, Narconon staff are on the job, supporting those who had lost all hope before their arrival. With care and dedication, the staff helps each person get the full benefits possible from this drug rehab program. Finally, on their last day at Narconon Eslöv, each person receiving their graduation certificate can look at how much they have changed, how different their lives are and how ready they are for a sober, productive future.