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In the beautiful countryside of England, a drug-free, holistic addiction recovery facility has been built to provide recovery for those in this corner of the world who have lost the battle with drugs or alcohol. At this facility, those who are addicted are not condemned or criticized. They are not told they are powerless against their addictions. Instead, they are supported and guided while they recover their own personal integrity and strength.

This facility in East Sussex houses the innovative Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. For more than fifty years, this program has helped tens of thousands of individuals rehabilitate their faculties for rational thought and ethical decisions. No drugs are ever administered as part of their recovery.

Narconon United Kingdom is tucked into a lush, green corner of East Sussex, just north of the village of Maynard’s Green. It is easily accessible to all major cities in Southern England, such as London, Eastbourne, Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton, Cambridge and Plymouth. It is also only a short plane ride from Northern England, Wales and Scotland.

Complete Drug Rehab Facilities for Complete Recovery

When a person arrives at Narconon United Kingdom, there is no need to leave until they graduate from this long-term residential drug rehab program. The support and services they need are right in this self-contained location.

They will begin their recovery with a well-supported withdrawal step. At this point, they are provided with plenty of privacy and one-on-one care to ensure that their withdrawal is as positive as possible. Nutritional supplements and good food calm the body’s adjustment to a drugless state. When they are eating and sleeping well and all the drugs or drinks they were consuming are no longer influencing them, they join the other students in the program.

The individuals who come to Narconon United Kingdom are called students because they will soon be studying how to recover the strong life skills they will need to maintain their sobriety. They are never referred to as patients.

A Deep Detoxification Follows

Once the drugs the person was taking are no longer intoxicating them, each person has a chance to flush out the toxic accumulation of years or even decades of addiction. Many types of drugs and alcohol leave traces of their toxins, often in the fattiest tissues in the body. Fortunately for those on the Narconon drug rehab program, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program helps to flush them out and wash them away.

The program consists of a combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements that are known to support detox, and time in a sauna. This combination enables the body to release these accumulated toxins. At the end of this procedure, it is common for each person to feel brighter, fresher and more ready for the sobriety that follows.

Recovering Stronger Life Skills

In the final section of the Narconon drug rehab program, each student completes a study of the life skills they will need to make sober choices in the future. These skills are key to the success of the Narconon program. Each student learns how to focus on the present and let go of the pain and losses of the past. They learn the characteristics of individuals who actually wish them harm, no matter how those individuals try to appear and how to keep these dangerous people from harming them.

They also learn how to make better choices and how to restore and repair relationships with family, community, church and any other group they may have fallen out with.

By the time they are complete with their studies, they are ready to craft a new, sober life for themselves. They then work with experienced Narconon staff to prepare a plan for their re-entry into their home environments. This plan helps them through the early days of their sobriety. A Graduate Officer will provide further support with frequent calls and consultations to help them weather any challenges.

For families in the United Kingdom, this Narconon facility in East Sussex provides brand new hope, even for a person who may have tried to achieve sobriety many times before. This innovative program has proven to be the one that has enabled many thousands of people to finally achieve success and rehabilitation.