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Narconon Piemonte

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Italy

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14018 Villafranca d´Asti (AT),

Narconon Piemonte sits in the agricultural lands southeast of Turin, less than an hour outside the city. Two hours further to the southeast is Genoa, situated on the Ligurian Sea. Here in these quiet hills, it’s possible to restore one’s interest in living a healthy life, far from interference and turbulence.

The rehab facility is in the middle of vineyards and orchards. All around are fertile hills and farmhouses. It might not be possible to find a place that is better protected from outside influences. From all over Italy—but particularly the cities in Northwest Italy—men and women come to this calming environment to recover their sobriety.

Trading Addiction for Health and a Bright New Future

Those who have been to other drug rehabs will find this one to be remarkably different. Here, no one lines up to take medication that is prescribed as part of the treatment program. The program is not based on group therapy where one is expected to reveal trauma and loss to the group.

In the Narconon program, each step is carefully designed to gradually undo the damage of the past and enable a person to finally look forward to the future.

Overcoming the Direct Effects of Drugs

When most people arrive at drug rehab, they still have drugs circulating through their systems. They need time to get sober before joining those already on the drug rehab program. For that reason, their first stay is in the Withdrawal Unit of Narconon Piemonte.

Here, they get careful supervision of their vital signs around the clock. They get plenty of nutritional support to help their body break down the drugs or alcohol still active in their body. With plenty of mental, physical and emotional support whenever they need it, their time in this Withdrawal Unit can turn out to be the most tolerable withdrawal they have ever been through.

Removing Drug Residues Remaining in the Body

Once they are eating and sleeping normally and all other signs of immediate detox are done, each person begins another, deeper detox action. This one utilizes time in a sauna, exercise and nutritional supplements known to help detoxify drug residues. It may take a few weeks on this protocol for the residues to be detoxed and for a person to suddenly sense that they have a new, brighter outlook on life.

Now they are ready to start receiving life skills training so they can build a new, sober life. There are many things about their way of living that they will need to change so they can maintain their sobriety after they go home.

Beginning to Build a New Life

In the Narconon Piemonte classrooms, surrounded by green fields and fresh air, each person is carefully supervised as they learn the life skills they will need. They will need to know who can be trusted and who can’t be. They will also need to learn how to become more trustworthy themselves.

They will need to understand the mistakes they made on their way into addiction. Some of their lessons will help them see how to restore their relationships with family and friends. They’ll learn how to resolve problems with others.

Routinely these are skills that were destroyed by addiction. But now, with the help of Narconon Piemonte staff, these individuals can recover these skills.

Then, before they set out for Turin, Genoa, Asti, Milan or other cities in this part of Italy, they must confront the necessity of re-establishing a sober life for themselves. With the help of expert staff, they will devise a plan that includes acquiring a safe residence, seeking out sober friends, restoring relationships with family, children and more.

Once this plan has been worked out in coordination with the staff, they can return to their home. After this holistic approach to addiction recovery, those going home have new hope of long-lasting sobriety.