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Narconon Los Molinos

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Spain

Calle San Nicolás, 5
28460 Los Molinos (Madrid),

Tucked into a small town about an hour outside of Madrid, you’ll find Narconon Los Molinas. In this region known for its ancient, ruined flour mills, it’s possible to find a thoroughly modern drug rehabilitation program that can restore the addicted to long-lasting sobriety.

Los Molinas is located at the northern edge of the Community of Madrid, in a hilly area long used for agriculture. Now, those finding themselves trapped in addiction in Madrid, Vigo, Gijon, Bilbao, Barcelona or Valladolid can take a short train ride or flight to this quiet community. Here, they will find a different kind of drug rehab, one that supplies thorough detoxification and durable life skills to start a person on a new, sober life.

The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Everything an addicted person will need is contained within the walls of this villa. As they arrive, they will be welcomed warmly and ushered into the Withdrawal Unit. With plenty of one-on-one support, ample nutrition that can calm withdrawal symptoms and other techniques, it’s possible they will experience the most tolerable withdrawal ever.

They then take advantage of the sauna that’s right on the site. They will be instructed on the exact steps of the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a step that can flush out the toxic residues of their past drug or alcohol abuse. With careful supervision, they exercise, take a specific regimen of nutritional supplements known to aid detoxification, and spend time in the sauna. This program helps rid the body of the accumulation of toxic residues that can drag down one’s outlook and mood.

Building New Life Skills

The detox is only the beginning of their new, fresh and sober life. Each person must now become a student of the strong new life skills they will need to stay sober for good.

This step should not be rushed because each student must break the destructive patterns of their past lives. They must find freedom from the guilt they suffer for the harm they have done. They must gain a new self-respect and the ability to make the right decisions. Each student must learn who to trust and who could lead one back into destructive behavior. It happens one day at a time, with the dedicated Narconon staff supporting each lesson that is learned and put into practice.

Preparing to Return Home from Drug Rehab

Before leaving Narconon Los Molinos, the students must objectively assess the steps they need to take to reenter their communities. They will work with the staff as they decide where they will live and work, whether or not they will return to school, and how they will reestablish their relationships with family and friends.

They will incorporate the life skills lessons they have just learned into this plan so that their reentry is as smooth as possible. A Graduate Officer will contact them frequently after they go home to provide more support as they make sober choices and meet life’s challenges.

Going Through Drug Rehab at Narconon Los Molinos

The Narconon drug rehab facility in Los Molinos has been designed and outfitted to make this process as comfortable as possible. In addition to the sauna and classrooms, there are consulting rooms where the students can work one-on-one with the staff. Recovering from addiction is never easy but the staff is there to help out at every critical moment.

Contained within the courtyard of the Villa Mari Solea is a swimming pool along with areas for relaxing or dining. From the very first day until one’s graduation, Narconon Los Molinos is the perfect place to gain a whole new, sober outlook on life and prepare for a healthier life to follow.