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Narconon Mediterráneo

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Spain

Autovía Sevilla-Málaga, Km 15
41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla),

The Narconon drug rehab center in Southern Spain is located about one half-hour outside of Seville, in the Andalusia region. By driving east from Seville, you come to Alcalá de Guadaira, a town of 75,000 people. As Seville has grown, Alcalá de Guadaira has become a suburb of the larger city. By placing the Narconon center on the outskirts of Alcalá de Guadaira, the noise and bustle of a major city are avoided, but all the resources of a well-established town are available.

The Narconon facility is housed in a beautiful building with accommodations for all those seeking new, sober lives. In this location, is it possible to find calm, patient support and privacy as one transitions from an addicted life to a productive, ethical life once again.

From Southern Spain’s cities like Malága, Huelva, Cordoba, Granada and Almería, Narconon Mediterráneo is easily accessible.

All the Facilities Needed for Recovery

From the time a person walks through the front door, there is no need for them to leave until they have completed the residential, long-term rehabilitation program and are ready to go home. That way, there are no outside temptations.

Each person will start this transition by experiencing a well-supported withdrawal. While many people dread withdrawal from the drugs or alcohol they were using before they came to Narconon, at this center, they may find the most tolerable withdrawal ever. A positive experience in the Narconon Withdrawal Unit can help a person start their sobriety with an improved outlook.

The next facility a person needs as they complete the Narconon program is a sauna. Each person in recovery will next complete the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program to help them break with their past addiction. This program is carefully planned help to rid each person’s body of accumulated drug and alcohol residues. These traces have a tendency to remain lodged in the fatty tissues of each person’s body. By exercising, taking a specific regimen of nutritional supplements and spending time in the sauna, these residues can be flushed out.

What is the result when the residues are gone? A brighter person who has been freed from their effects. It is very common that these traces affect a person’s mood, energy and optimism. When they have been washed away, it begins to be possible to envision a drug-free future.

Creating New Life Skills at the Narconon Drug Rehab

This brighter outlook must be followed with stronger life skills for a person to successfully navigate the challenges of a sober life. At Narconon Mediterráneo, there are classrooms where these skills are taught.

As they proceed through this life skills training, those who came here to recover from addiction become dedicated students. After all, if they learn these lessons well, it becomes far more likely that they will never need to go to rehab again.

They learn how to recover their personal integrity and self-respect. It is also vital for them to become capable of determining who can be trusted and who can’t. After all, it is those who can’t be trusted that is likely to lead them back into drug or alcohol use.

They must also learn how to overcome the problems or upsets that just naturally occur in one’s life. And finally, they must work with experienced Narconon staff to develop their plan to re-enter their home and community. Most people need to rebuild their relationships with family, friends, co-workers and more.

It is not necessary to consider that one “will always be an addict.” With a holistic and thorough program like the one at Narconon Mediterráneo, one can leave that addicted life behind for good.