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Narconon Balkan

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Macedonia

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At its location in a lovely mountain valley near the southern border of North Macedonia, Narconon Balkan daily saves lives from addiction. In these former farmhouses in the quiet village of Konopishte, those struggling with addiction can finally find the help they need to break free.

This might seem like an unusual location for recovery from addiction. In fact, this location which is remote from the bustle and turbulence of the city is a perfect place to reclaim one’s life. This village is home to fewer than 100 residents. The only significant business in town is Gorska Voda, a nationally-known bottling plant that provides mineral waters and sodas made from the pure supply of spring water that bubbles up from these hills. In this sheltered environment, one can focus fully on recovery.

In fact, all it takes to save addicted lives is a dedicated staff to support each person as they complete this long-term residential drug rehab program, a safe location and the manuals that guide each person through this successful program.

From major cities in North Macedonia—Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo and others—all that is required is a drive of three hours or less to arrive at Konopishte and Narconon Balkan.

Narconon Balkan’s Location

Two adjacent buildings in this hilly area house every service a person needs in order to recover lasting sobriety. There is a protected area where each person can be well supported as they withdraw from the drugs or drinks they were consuming. There is also a sauna that is used to further detoxify each person on this program, giving them a brighter start to their new sober life.

Classrooms provide the life skills training that will be needed to maintain that sobriety for the long term. Private counseling rooms offer safe areas where guidance can be received to resolve challenges of the past and work out safe, sober paths for the future.

There are also recreational areas available for each participant—these participants are called “students” at this facility because they are studying to obtain the abilities needed for lasting sobriety. A volleyball court, barbecue, picnic area and indoor lounge area are used by the students in their free time. Konopiste Pond which lies right outside the facility provides a place to cool off in the hot months.

Narconon Balkan’s Drug Rehab Program

From the first day of arrival, each Narconon student will realize that something is very different about this program. They are not met with scorn or criticism. Many of the people helping them have been through this experience themselves and have found recovery through Narconon. They are also not given prescription medications as part of this recovery program. This is a holistic program that emphasizes true recovery from addiction, meaning that long-term medications are not needed. It is possible to face life with a strong outlook and vigorous life skills instead.

Once each person is through a closely-supported withdrawal, they will begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This action is quite different from what is called a “detox” in other drug rehab facilities. This one combines exercise, time in a sauna and nutritional supplementation known to enhance the flushing of drug residues from the body.

Each day, carefully supervised, each student exercises and then spends time in the sauna. They gradually rid their bodies of the toxic residues of years or even decades of drugging and drinking. It is common for those finishing this action to feel younger and lighter and to have a brighter outlook on life.

This brightening helps separate each person from their traumatic past. They can then begin to create the life skills that will guide their decisions in the future. Each day, they assemble in classrooms for the study and practical experience that restore their values, ethics and self-respect.

Graduating from the Narconon Drug Rehab Program

Before they go home, these students plan out what must happen to assemble a living situation that will keep them sober and safe. They work with the Narconon staff to craft a written plan to guide their re-entry to their home environment.

After they go home, they have a lifeline to Narconon Balkan, as a Graduate Officer contacts them frequently to provide encouragement and an empathetic ear if there are challenges.

This complete and holistic program has enabled tens of thousands of people around the world to create a new, ethical, productive life to replace the one destroyed by drugs or alcohol.